Bookcase Update #1 (New bookcase)

Hey, I know I haven't blogged in a long time but my life has been a series of up and downs recently, and I hadn't been able to find the time. So I apologise for that.

So, a couple of weekends ago, I got a new bookcase as a surprise which was really nice as mine was overflowing, and was way too overcrowded. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in how I decided to go about rearranging the two, but I usually am when people talk about their's, and it would be kinda cool for me to post on here and see how my bookshelves develop over time. So, if you want to ignore this feel free, but I'm going to use it to keep track of my bookcases over time.

This is what my bookcases originally looked like after we finally finished building the second one (and yes, I now it's annoying that they're not the same height or colour - believe me, I know.)

This hot mess was awful, the white bookcase had two rows per bookshelf filled with books and was still overflowing, meaning I could never find what I wanted unless I took out twenty other books on the same shelf. It was a struggle all booklovers face. So, after a bit of fussing about and plenty of organising I finally completed the top two shelves of my brown bookcase (it took so much longer than it should have).

On my top row of the bookcase I have all my dvds, they aren't ordered in any genre or age rating because I personally prefer them not to be; and as you can see, there are a range of them. Up here, I also have general things like the books I need to revise for my theory test, and a couple of photo albums. And then we have my pride and joy: the special collection edition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone (I dare not use it to read because it's so pretty.)

On the shelf below this, we have all Cassandra Clare books I own, most of which are hidden behind Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I really want to read so bad (is it any good?). Then I have several copies of The Northern Lights Trilogy (I know it's bad but I don't want to throw any away), and a few more of my favourite series/trilogies.
My next shelf is kinda weird and is organised by half author and half genre. On the left hand side of my shelf I've stacked some of my Rick Riordan books, but have also stacked all of my angel themed books above this. The bookshelf then moves onto my collection of Michael Grant books, and then any books with Dragons in them. This shelf was organised far more on the image of the shelf rather than any order or sense to it.

My fourth shelf is largely comprised of books I wasn't really sure what to do with. The Tales of Beadle The Bard is obscuring several books that I enjoyed in my early teenage years. This theme carries on until we meet a mix of books/series I have or haven't read, but that I have enjoyed or think I will enjoy; again, this shelf makes no sense and books are simply here to fill it up, I will probably change in time.

My final shelf again is another that makes no sense, I keep a lot of my large hardbacks down here to add weight lower down in the bookcase, these hardbacks range from books that I haven't read to childhood favourites. Following this is a series of books with bright spines that didn't really look nice anywhere else on my shelf, so they're sorta hidden down here where people are less likely to look. And yes, those are two Christmas scented Yankee candles there too, don't judge me.

My original bookcase things started to look a little better. On my top shelf I started by organising my favourites reads, most of which are stand-alones. However, I then incorporated more of a colour theme and now this shelf is organised very much by the aesthetic of it rather than by genre, or by preference for any book. Several of the books on this shelf I still have to read. I also keep my piece of The Berlin Wall on this shelf  (I did buy it by the way, I didn't just hack off a piece of the crumbling wall.)

On the shelf below this any books that incorporated the colours of white, black and orange are placed here; this includes my copy of Go Set A Watchman; which I wouldn't recommend to anybody who loves To Kill A Mockingbird, this book is the definition of disappointment. I then used a mirror that I bought at a car boot for £1 (bargain!) to fill up some place, which is covered in cuttings of a Superman Comic (I dare you to tell me that isn't cool, go on, try.)

My third shelf contains my favourite childhood/early teens reads that I've decided to keep over the years, plus a couple of classics on the end like the Hobbit. My favourite early teen series: The Night World is on this shelf, just behind the pottery dog I painted when I was young, which was brilliant. And why has L.J.Smith not released the fourth book in this series? That still upsets me to this day, I want to know how it ends! Does anyone else feel the same?

My final shelf is probably my favourite as this my classics and childhood picture books shelf. This contains my collection of Sherlock novels thus far, and all the books I've ever had to read for English classes, which several funnily enough I have actually enjoyed. I also have my massive English Poetry collection book here, that's massive and boring - it's the only book I dislike on this shelf. However, I do hate The Catcher In The Ryre which is also on this shelf - I couldn't get past the third chapter, don't try and read the book, you're only torturing yourself.

And there is my new bookcases. Like I said, this is far more a documentation for me than it is for you, but either way I hope you at least don't mind me posting about it. I'll be posting a review on Half Wild soon, so look forward to that!


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