The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg (The Paper Magician #3) ~ AND A VERY BIG SORRY

Hey! I know it's been a while since I last posted on here, and I'm sorry about that. My mum has been in hospital recently so everything has been a little hectic (she's okay now by the way), and I've had lots of mocks to revise for at the same time, so that's why I haven't posted in ages (so apologies for that). So a while ago, whilst that was all going on I just about had time to finish The Paper Magician series, and guys, Ceony gets even more stupid in this one.

Throughout her studies, Ceony has kept a dangerous secret from the rest of the magic world including her mentor and partner, Emery Thane, that could change the magic world. She's discovered how to break magic bonds with her chosen material, and how to make new ones with others - something that is still seen as impossible. During the last months of her apprenticeship Ceony is sent to away from Emery and to a new Folder following rumours, and suspicions of favouritism. Sirij, a power-hungry criminal, has escaped prison with a particular interest in the secret she harbours. Ceony must track down and face this criminal whose magic is beyond compare to her own, and protect the ones she loves.

In The Glass Magician, Ceony discovered she could break her own bond with paper, and can create new bonds with other materials. This was quite interesting to read about as you get to discover the other parts of magic in this world, and you explore the real life uses of it; also, Ceony used fire whilst battling and it was completely kickass. However, since this is Ceony we're talking about, she was completely stupid with at other times. In my notes I have literally written 'idiot', 'idiot, AGAIN' and 'exactly, you dumbass', after Ceony panicked over possibly revealing her secret of breaking magic bonds to Saraj and others. This girl has no tactical brain power,she just kept breaking magic bonds in front of Saraj like it wasn't some big secret, when it is. Yet, you kinda have to love Ceony for stupidity, it makes her far more real as a character and makes the books a whole lot more emotional - especially when referring to frustration.

I enjoyed the romance less in this last installment of the trilogy, but I think I was meant to as Ceony was taken away from Emery in fear their relationship could cause a bias result at the end of her magic test. I think this was a smart move by Holmberg, as it allows the novel to focus far more on the action and it allows that to actually drive the plot, instead of a romance driving a plot. Also, it made the ending with the two even more sweet, although I saw 'that' dramatic romantic reveal a mile off, but saying that I'm glad Emery proposed in the end.

Okay, but can we talk about the fight scenes please. I love a good fight scene, and this trilogy has had loads of them. The end fight scene, you know the big one you always get, was a little short in my opinion and a little bit too quick, but it was still kickass. I loved the fact it was Emery's 'lacerate' spell in the end that defeated Saraj, because having a spell that causes hundreds of thousands of tiny paper cuts is pretty deadly, unexpected and just plain cool. Although, I wasn't a big fan of 'hey look he's dead!... oh wait, no he's not dead' moment, I always find them a bit too cheesy, and the fact Emery tried to kill him with a pistol just made it obvious it didn't really work. But, the fight scenes were still well executed, especially with Ceony switching between materials to bond with whilst fighting - making her ultra powerful; but, despite that, I'm glad she didn't kill Saraj in the end, it would have been completely unbelievable for a bumbling apprentice with no combat training to have taken down a deadly enemy.

Although, the one thing that did make me laugh in this book is near the climax of the novel. Ceony and Emery have just run into each other, and neither of them are meant to be there as they promised the other to stay out of danger. And Ceony, loveable Ceony, instead of being angry with Emery for breaking a promise or trying to explain  herself just goes "you cut your hair!"; at least she has her priorities straight guys.

Overall, I really enjoyed this trilogy, it was well paced and I enjoyed learning about the world it was set in. 'The Master Magician' finished it off well, and tied up all the loose strings - including Ceony's sister, and in the end the couple triumph and are together, so you can't really ask for a happier ending.


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