2016 Book Resolutions

  One of the books I've read
this year
I'm not one for new year's resolutions usually, but I thought it would be good to finally make one about books this year - and just books. Okay, so my first resolution for this year is 50 books, so just under one less per week - which is realistic for me considering I'm an AS student who travels to and from school for a total of 3 hours everyday. I'v already started pretty well on this goal and I have already read two books (woooooo 4% completed).

So the next resolution for me is to finally start and finish some amazing series, and the two I have decided I definitely need to start and finish this year are The Percy Jackson series (I know, I'm sorry I haven't read them yet) and the Gone series by Michael Grant. I feel in love with Gone when I was 14 and I borrowed it from my school's library, so over the last few years I've been collecting these books when I can afford to - I now only need Fear and Plague to complete my collection; and as soon as I have these I plan to marathon this series before the end of the year (wish me luck!)

My third resolution of the year is to read some classic, a genre I have been avoiding a lot recently and always have done. In particular, I want to read at least one Agathe Cristie book as I can't really believe I haven't yet, I mean it's Agathe Christie for god sake and I love detective stories. However, I don't think anyone will ever convince me reading Catcher of The Ryre is something I need to do - I couldn't even get past the third chapter.

Finally, I want to explore graphic novels more (is explore the right word?) I finally read my first one this year - Nimona and it was one of my favourite books of the year. Therefore, I definitely want to read more, and I feel like it's genre that isn't talked about enough; so I plan to talk about it.

And that's it, my four bookish resolutions, what about you: do you have any bookish resolutions or normal ones? And any suggestions on what books I shoud
read this year?


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