Most Anticipated Books of 2016

So it's almost here, the big old New Year and even though 2015 gave us some great books this year (I'm looking at you Simon Snow), I feel like we've got some good ones coming next year (or this year depending on when I put this up).

1. The Glass Sword By Victoria Aveyard (9/02/2016)

If you have not heard of The Red Queen by now what were you even doing in 2015? It was everywhere and with good reason too. A few people said they felt Red Queen was too much of a typical YA book for them - but if you think that you honestly need to stop reading YA, because it's a genre and authors are generally going to stick to the guidelines of that genre; if you want something different READ A DIFFERENT GENRE. Glass Sword follows Mare after the events that took place in Red Queen, she's on the run from Maven (does anyone actually still like him?) the now evil King, and is trying to recruit other Reds like her and Silvers to join in the in fight against those who want to control her. It's all very exciting and I can't wait until February. 

2. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (8/03/2016)

Okay, okay, I know there's quite a few of us worried that Cassandra Clare is going too far with her shadowhunter world, and that this book could be a disaster with a reused plot and the characters being copies of already existing ones; but I have faith that this book is going to be a good one despite everyone's worries, she hasn't disappointed yet and we'll just have to see. This series will follow Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn family as they investigate a series of murders, to stop a war from breaking out between the shadowhunters and faeries and to save Mark Blackthorn. When we first met these characters in City of Heavenly Fire I liked them instantly, yet I do have tiny, really tiny, concerns the characters may be too similar to ones we have already encountered - but we shall see.

3. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken (5/01/2016)

This comes out really soon actually, and has a lot of hype surrounding it (it's even Booksplosion's Book of the Month). I really love synopsis for this book, and the idea of two people travelling together to try and piece together clues along their journey is so intriguing, and it sounds like there's time travel. Time travel is big seller for me and I haven't read many YA books where this happens (I'm sorry I still haven't read the Ruby Red trilogy), so I'm really looking forward to this book, and even though I probably won't picking it up this January I will find a way to read it this year.

4. The Last Star by Rick Yancey (24/05/2016)

Okay lets not freak out but it's so soon and I'm so excited. It feels like I've been waiting a lifetime for this and I only have to wait five more months. I'm a little bit war of this book though because 'The Last Star' sounds like a really corny title, and also what does it mean? Does it mean there's only going to be one of them left standing? Because I could not deal with that, that would hurt too much. Also, even though I enjoyed the second book: The Infinite Sea, it wasn't as good as The 5th Wave and I don't want the books to get worse as they go along. Hopefully, now with the movie coming out (eek!) and 5th Wave becoming far more popular because of it, that Rick Yancey would have really worked hard on this book and made it spectacular. 

5. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Mass (3/05/2016)

I am unbelievably exited about this after ACOTAR being one of my favourite books of the year. So this book follows on after the events at the end of the first book, and Feyre is still trying to deal with the aftermath of the things she did to save Tamilin's people, and she hasn't forgotten the deal she struck with Rhysand. I'm so excited to see how Feyre will deal with her new powers, and the fact that Rhysand imprinted on her (I really can't decide between the two boys in this love triangle). But I have to wait until May, and I've been struggling to wait for this book since I read the first; also, I really hope they release a pronunciation guide with this book because I'm still lost on that.

6. Half Lost by Sally Green (29/03/2016)

I am so thrilled this is so early in the year (and yes, I may have already preorded this one), and that I finally get to read what happens to Nathan and the rest of them. So for those of you who haven't read this trilogy I don't know what you;re doing, but red it - it's fantastic and dramatic. This book follows Nathan's quest for the other half of Gabriel's amulet which is said to give the wearer invincibility in battle, which he hopes to use with his father's gift to end the bloody civil war between white and black witches. As much as I love this trilogy, I just wish Nathan would get his head out of his butt and stop mooning over his first love, and just finally see Gabriel is the one he needs - it's honestly so infuriating I can't even deal with this book; this better end with Gabriel and Nathan together.


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