Best Books of 2015

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas and that your recovery from eating too much is going well. Today, I wanted to share the best books I read in 2015, not all of these have come out this year but I did read them this year so they're being included too.

1. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green

To start off with I have a little bit of good old John Green. This is easily my favourite book by him even though it doesn't seem to get much recognition from people, but I instantly fell in love with each of the characters and laughed my way through it. I read this during my summer holiday just after I had finished my GCSE's - and it was the perfect pick-me up after such a stressful period. The book revolves around two respective characters who are both called Will Grayson and their struggles, and how they're both linked; it's also unexpectedly hilarious (especially Tiny, you have to love Tiny). It's a just such a good book guys.

2. Carry On: The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow by Rainbow Rowell

Okay this book did come out this year and I know that everyone loves it, but I can't help it's just so good, and if you've read my review on it you'll know exactly why. The book is about what Simon Snow experiences in his last year of school, who many of you would have already met in Frangirl, and his encounters with a magic eating monster and loooooovveeee. Rainbow Rowell out did herself and the characters are all so beautiful, and plot is excellent, and the romances in this book are just so darn cute. Honestly, I think I've fallen in love with Baz, and Simon... and everyone else.

3. A Court of Thorn of Roses By Sarah J. Mass

So, this was the first book I've ever read by Sarah Jane Mass - don't kill me, please... I have realised my mistake there and a Thorn of Glass is sitting patiently on my bookshelf to be read. This books is about a fantasy world were elves and that kind of cool stuff exist, and the power struggle within this, and how one girl is caught up in all of this and falls for this one, very dashing elf (I've got another fictional crush). I finished this within a day (which isn't rare with me but still it shows how excellent this book is), and even though this book may contain your typical love triangle it's still worth reading for the characters and the plot. I only wished that someone would publish a guide on how to pronounce some of these character's names because I am lost.

4. Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

This is the first graphic novel I've ever bought and read and it was beautiful and I love it to pieces. The storyline focuses on Nimona, a slightly crazy shape shifting girl who teams up with the most feared 'bad guy' in their world, who is basically in a bestie feud with a knight on the good side; which is honestly the best thing, because they act like two best friends fighting rather than enemies and it's really nice too read about for a change. Nimona is just kickass and so lovable even though she's a bit evil and deranged, but she'll make you laugh - as will all the characters with their deadpan humour. If you've never picked up a graphic novel before - I sincerely recommend this one.

5. Cinder by Marrisa Meyer

Again, I know I should have read this sooner so please don't kill me, because I know understand what all the fuss was about. Cinder is all about a half cycborg who lives out her days as a servant to her adoptive mother, whilst there is a deadly disease spreading like wildfire throughout their kingdom and cyborgs and being called up to be experimented on to This book was incredible and the tie in with the fairytale of Cinderella was done brilliantly, the only downside was how Cinder could be so blatantly prejudiced which is a characteristic I just find annoying to read about, but there was good character development in this area which helped me to enjoy the book more.

6. Half Wild by Sally Green

Now this was one of my anticipated reads of 2015 and I was not disappointed by this sequel, this is easily becoming my one of favourite trilogies. Even though Sally Green's style of writing takes a while to get used, it's well worth it and we get to see Nathan's unique train of thought. Half Wild is the sequel to Half Bad and focuses on Nathan, a mixed witch whose on the run from the white witches whilst and struggling to control his father's dangerous power. This book sounds really conventional but it's not, and the characters seem real and are easy to love despite their flaws, the book is just a perfect mix of character and plot with enough focus being dedicating to both. Yet, the one thing that is annoying about this book is Nathan and his feelings, that boy does not see what's right in front of him *cough* Gabriel *cough*.

7. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page

I haven't really heard anyone took about this book or series and I have no idea why, it's brilliant, and it's a retelling of a very famous story we all know with a fantastic twist. The book focuses on the premise that Dorothy did all the things we are told she did, but that she's now ruling Oz and she's turned evil - the wicked are even rising up against her rule. The Revolutionary Order of the Wicked then recruit Amy, another girl from Kansas. and gives her one mission as she is sent to the castle: kill Dorothy. I picked up this book by chance and oh my god I'm glad I did, this is purely fantastic and entertaining, and getting to read about Dorothy and her friends in such a wicked way is interesting and different. However, I do feel sorry for the tinman, it can't be easy falling in love with Dorothy.

And that was it! My favourites reads of 2015, what were yours? Let me know please.


  1. Hi! First I'd like to applaud you on your achievement of actually keeping a blog. I have a blog which only just (after begging my family to suscribe) got 5 followers, which is mainly my fault cause I never update. I came here through the goodreads thing and I think you are doing pretty pretty well! :)
    I'm in love with Cassandra Clares series but I see what you mean about how it may get tired out after a while. I mean it seems like she is just doing it because she has a fanbase now.

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